Modular Military Tents - Proudly Serving the Department of Defense since 1984

Outdoor Venture Corporation, a U.S. based prime modular 				military tent manufacturer and supplier to the United States Department of Defense.Serving the DOD


Outdoor Venture is a prime supplier and subcontractor of critical next-generation military tent systems, components and accessories for the United States Department of Defense. Since 1984, OVC has delivered more than $260 million dollars worth of military tents on 140-plus government contracts and have received numerous awards for our innovative design changes.

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Tent Systems

Outdoor Venture Corporation is a prime supplier of next generation modular tent systems designed for efficiency, mobility and rapid deployment by our nation's military. We are an established manufacturer and supplier of many military tent systems including the Tent Expandable Modular Personnel Tent (TEMPER Tent), Modular Command Post (MCP), Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS), 16' x 16' Expandable, Arctic Tent, and Hexagonal Tent and other related floors, liners, and accessories

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