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TEMPER Tent Module

The TEMPER tent can be extended in length in 8 ft. increments and can be erected in 40 minutes by 5 soldiers (Type IV). The floor area is 640 sq. ft. (Type IV, Personnel -- 4 sections).

Outdoor Venture redesigned the TEMPER tent with a new leak free heat sealed outer shell system. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, including desert, tropical and temperate climates, the TEMPER tents' outer cloth colors (camo green or desert tan) are designed to camouflage the TEMPER tent against the intended terrain and are visual and electronic suppressive with a blackout coating for protection from night optic vision gear.

We have upgraded the traditional Temper Tent Module with a new leak free heat sealed outer shell system. An optional wind resistant fly is also available for the reduction of heat load.

The TEMPER tent has many major components. The major fabric components include the window section, end section, door section and fly. The fly covers the roof of the tent and provides supporting insulation. Utility support for these tents includes electrical service for lighting and convenience outlets and provisions for heating and cooling.

Key Benefits

  • NEW leak free heat sealed blackout material outer shell system with optional wind resistant fly!
  • Designed to withstand various climates and weather elements including wet, snow, high wind and tropical conditions!
  • Fire, mildew & water resistant
  • Complexes with MGTPS & Air Force Small Shelter System

Key Features

  • Folding aluminum interior frame system - Requires minimum guy ropes and stakes for quick set-up
  • Expandable in 8-foot increments with addition of roof / wall sections
  • Multiple configurations can be achieved with interchangeable roof / wall sections - Designed for steady 50 MPH wind load and gusts up to 65 MPH
  • Available in forest green or desert tan colors designed to camouflage and blend with surrounding terrain

Size / Weight:

  • Size: 8' L X 20'6" W X 6'9" H (one section - eave to peak)
  • Weight: 1620 lbs (Type IV)