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LME Shelters

Lightweight Maintenance Equipment Shelter

The LME is a frame supported lightweight shelter designed to provide units with a covered facility to conduct tactical maintenance operations. The LME is a modification of the Tent, Extendable, Modular, Personnel (TEMPER) where extensions are added to the tent frame to add the height needed for enclosure of tactical vehicle and equipment. LIGHTWEIGHT MAINTENANCE ENCLOSURE COMPLETE (LME) TYPE I, CLASS 2, TAN Includes Fabric Assemblies, Aluminum Frame, Transport/Storage Covers, Lighting System, Electrical Power Circuit Breaker/Distribution Box

  • Dimensions: 32' Length X 24' Width X 15'6" Ridge Height and 12' Eave Height
  • Floor Area: 768 square feet
  • Weight: 1332 lbs. (1659 lbs. Packed)
  • Set-up Time/# of Persons: 90/4; Strike Time/# of Persons: 45/4
  • Shipping Cube: 109 cubic feet