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Military Shelters and Accessories

Outdoor Venture Corporation is a manufacturer of military shelter or tent systems (softwall and hardwall) including the Tent Expandable Modular Personnel Tent (TEMPER Tent), Modular Command Post (MCP), Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS), 16' x 16' Expandable, LME (Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure), and other tent related floors, liners, and basecamp accessories. In addition to the softwall tent systems, OVC offers a wide range of hard wall shelters utilizing the revolutionary energy efficient iPanel®.


Outdoor Venture Corporation is the manufacturer of the iPanel Steel SIP (structural insulated panel), the revolutionary building material designed for the 21st Century. The iPanel is a galvanized steel skin, polyurethane foam core, load-bearing SIP that is used to construct walls, roofs and floors. The iPanel constructed buildings are stronger, lighter, and quicker to erect than traditional building materials. These buildings are characterized by quick, low-cost assembly, near zero maintenance, sound and waterproof, insulating value of R-25, and wind resistant to category 5 hurricane conditions.

OVC-Engineered Solutions, LLC

OVC Engineered Solutions (OVC-ES) is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of small-scale, mobile, tactical and expeditionary support systems for use in all types of environments world-wide. OVC-ES systems are packaged on vehicles or in containers with our solutions used in fixed, shelterized and mobile applications. We have a comprehensive understanding of — and exemplary customer satisfaction history dating to Frederick Manufacturing, and later SFA - in the design and manufacture of mobile and expeditionary systems, including all required accompanying pack-out and accessories properly stowed to survive damage yet be readily available for use, emphasizing our customer-recognized excellence in human-factors considerations.