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iPanel Steel Structural Insulated Panels

Outdoor Venture Corporation is the manufacturer of the patented iPanel insulated panel (SIP), the revolutionary building material designed for the 21st Century.

iPanel is a galvanized steel skin, polyurethane foam core, load-bearing SIP that is used to construct walls, roofs and floors. iPanel enables buildings to be built stronger, lighter, and more quickly than with traditional building materials.

The iPanel Solution

  • Is based on tested and proven product technology
  • Compliments hurricane-force building designs
  • Offers extremely energy efficient related cost savings
  • Reduces overall cost with efficiency of construction timing
  • Provides multi-decade lifespan with little to no maintenance
  • Can be customized and produced for all building designs
  • Is resistant to mold & mildew, termites, and fire & water damage
  • Can lower insurance costs due to its exceptionally engineered design characteristics