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Expeditionary Water Purification and Packaging

Tactical Integrated Water Purification and Packaging with Remote Quality Monitoring – Avoids Needing Water Specialist in Field Operation/p>

  • One BICON combined with Small Trailer Mounter Packaging System
  • BICON (10 ft ISO CSC) used for purifier, generators, storage bags, hoses, cables, camelback and/or other water bags and filter kits
  • Meets all Health Command requirements
  • C130 Transportable
  • Worldwide spares support
  • Easily supports teams of 20-50 personnel
  • Just needs fuel for two small generators and a water source
  • System is easily set up within 45 minutes
  • Operated by field personnel with remote water quality monitoring (tactical radio, phone, web, VPN, readout, USB)
  • No extensive training and no water specialist required on-site – ideal for remote or behind-lines operations


Easy setup in less than 30 minutes on unimproved site.

Water Packaging:

  • Automatic production of camelback filled purified water bags
  • Water bags can be 1, 3 and 5 liter or Camelback, also can be single use
  • Fills at rate of almost 500 liters per hour, fully automated
  • Bags delivered in roll, empty, where Packaging equipment fills, seals and cuts filled bags in a sanitary and clean-air environment
  • Plexiglas enclosed fill area surrounded by over-pressurized tent