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Containerized Solutions

Rapid Response Latrine System

Designed for Rapid Deployment addressing Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Situations – Anywhere in the World

Outdoor Venture's Rapid Response Systems provide rapidly deployable hygiene support for situations needing reliable and easy operation for quick reaction, emergency and disaster relief missions throughout the world. Modular configuration permits usage in a wide variety of support configurations.

  • 3 for 1 Expandable privacy and washing area
  • 2 person, 45 minute set up
  • Minimal Operator Attention
  • -40°F to +120°F Operating Range
  • Separate Male / Female Sides
  • Environmentally Controlled
  • Supports up to 75 Personnel
  • Multiple Transport Options
  • Total Integrated Weight < 7,000 LBS
  • Source and Waste Water Bladders
  • Off-Board Water Supply and Waste Pump for Ease of Maintenance
  • One Year Warranty on Workmanship

Latrine Features

  • Housed in Expandable Package unfolding into three times the space allowing for privacy and washing
  • Four Low Water Consumption Commodes (0.46 Gallons/flush)
  • One Urinal and One Hand Sink in each expandable wing
  • Option for external mounted Shave Stand
  • Off-Board 2.0 hp. Grinder Discharge Pump.
  • Off-Board 3 hp. Centrifugal Supply Pump
  • Separate Hot and Cold Water Supply Connections
  • Water Storage
    • 3,000 Gallon Source Water Bag
    • 3,000 Gallon Waste Water Bag
  • Back Flow Preventer Eliminates Water System Cross Contamination
  • Two 7,500 Cooling Btu/hr. Environmental Units
  • Two 1500 Watt Thermostatic Controlled Heaters
  • One 60 AMP Electric Service (Mil-Std. Electrical Connectors)