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Kitchen/Field Feeding Systems

Expeditionary Field Kitchen

NSN 7360-01-579-1956

Fuel fired Tactical Field Kitchen able to feed 1,000 personnel fresh food or field rations per meal, with three meals per day.

  • One ISO Container (8' x 8' x 10'), folds out to 3 times size for 360 sqft of meal preparation and kitchen sanitation space
  • Supplied with Military Trailer – can be separated for transport
  • All weather, all terrain
  • Operates using generator or shore power for lights, controls, and refrigeration
  • Cooking uses JP-8 / diesel burners
  • System is easily set up within 45 minutes
  • Worldwide spares support

EFK Description


  • Trailer mounted, helicopter sling loadable, moved by air, land, sea (ISO CSC)
  • Easy foldout of 3 for 1 container (360 sqft) by two personnel w/o special equipment


  • Two heavy duty fuel fired convection ovens
  • Two fuel fired tilt skillets
  • Two fuel fired Tray Ration Heaters
  • Two 23 cu. ft. refrigerators
  • Five NSF work tables
  • Insulated food and beverage containers
  • A full complement of food preparation and serving utensils
  • Three-compartment fuel fired Sanitization sink with waste water grease separation
  • Two sets of stairs with railings at the kitchen doors, Ladder for Mechanical Room
  • Three space heaters in the kitchen
  • Three 115V duplex exterion/interior convenience outlets
  • Four makeup air fans (two portable/one fixed/overhead array of ducts)