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Rapid Response Systems

Rapid Response Multiple Batch Laundry

Designed for Rapid Deployment addressing Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Situations – Anywhere in the World

Provides improved capability in field-expedient laundries. Wash and dry 200 pounds of clothes per hour. Supports up to 300 personnel.

  • ISO Container (8' x 8' x 20')
  • Two (2) 50-pound commercial washers
  • Two (2) 75-pound commercial dryers
  • Connects to a standard tent used as space for folding and sorting laundry (includes bootwall)
  • Includes inbound water pump
  • Collects and pumps waste water 500 feet to disposable/storage unit
  • C130 Transportable
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles and easy system control
  • Entire system weighs 10,000 lbs. and is easily moved with a 10K forklift
  • Operates from -15°F to 120°F
  • System is easily set up within 90 minutes
  • Equipped with water reuse capability recapturing 30% of the water
  • 60 cycle generator powered (not included) with shore power option